Sir Christopher Wren was a renowned architect whose work helped to shape the landscape of London and the rest of England. His contributions to British architecture can still be seen today in the many buildings he designed and oversaw the construction of.

To mark the three-hundredth anniversary of Sir Christopher Wren’s death, we’re giving you the chance to experience some of his architecture like never before by joining us on a tour of his works by water aboard an Uber Boat by Thames Clippers vessel.

In this article, learn a little more about this iconic architect’s achievements and discover what’s included in a Wren 300 ticket and where it’ll get you!

Enjoy an unforgettable Christopher Wren experience with Uber Boat by Thames Clippers

We’ve teamed up with St Paul’s Cathedral and Old Royal Naval College to provide you with a memorable, meaningful experience celebrating the works of this legendary master of architecture.

Taking a boat between St. Paul's Cathedral (Blackfriars or Bankside piers) and the Old Royal Naval College (Greenwich Pier) allows you to enjoy the beauty and innovation of Christopher Wren's architecture from a unique perspective. From the water, you can fully appreciate the grandeur and scale of Wren's buildings and gain a greater understanding of the architectural genius behind these iconic landmarks.

Your Wren 300 ticket will include:

  • Unlimited, all-day hop-on/hop-off river travel
  • Entry to St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Entry to the Old Royal Naval College
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Who is Sir Christopher Wren?

Sir Christopher Wren was—predominantly—an English architect and mathematician born in 1632. An intelligent and curious individual, Wren also had a number of talents and interests beyond mathematics and architecture – including science and astronomy.

What is Sir Christopher Wren famous for?

Regarded as one of the most important and highly acclaimed architects in history, Sir Christopher Wren is most well-known for his buildings in London, although he also designed many notable buildings outside of the capital city. Wren’s designs have left an indelible mark on the country’s architectural heritage. 

Sir Christopher Wren’s architectural style involved a unique blend of classical and Baroque elements, which he incorporated into his designs to create elegant and visually striking buildings that were both functional and beautiful.

The Wren London Series: talks explore Wren’s grandest designs across the capital

As part of the #Wren300 celebrations, a fascinating series of talks will take place across London in four of Wren’s greatest buildings from July to October. A speaker, or panel of speakers, will offer an in-depth perspective of Wren and his work at the Old Royal Naval College, St Paul’s Cathedral, Royal Hospital Chelsea, St James’s Piccadilly, and onboard a specially commissioned Uber Boat by Thames Clippers vessel.

Wren by River, on Friday 1 September, will be a unique one-hour sailing led by Colin Thom, Director of the Survey of London, and a leading expert in the architectural history of the capital. Passengers will be treated to a broad introduction to Wren’s legacy to London, from the unique perspective of the river.

Departure at 19:00 from North Greenwich Pier!

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Experience Sir Christopher Wren’s architecture from the Thames

Don't miss this opportunity to experience Christopher Wren's architectural marvels by water. Book your tickets now to embark on a journey you won't forget!

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To commemorate Wren’s extraordinary legacy, some of his most famous buildings and associated institutions will be hosting fascinating events and activities throughout the year. Find out about Wren events across London and beyond.