On this page you will find information about access to our piers but also the accessibility on board our vessels. Scroll down to read about discounts for people with disabilities and carers and how to apply for our Mobility Scooter Recognition Scheme.

Pier Accessibility

All our piers are step-free and wheelchair accessible except for Cadogan, London Bridge City and Wandsworth Riverside Quarter piers.

The closest accessible piers are:

  • Battersea Power Station Pier across the river from Cadogan
  • Bankside Pier for London Bridge City
  • Putney or Plantation Wharf Pier for Wandsworth Riverside Quarter

Route map

Chelsey’s fully accessible journey to Greenwich on the river

Boat Accessibility

All our boats are wheelchair, mobility scooter and pram accessible, we use ramps for boarding.

We can have a maximum of four wheelchairs on our larger boats and can accommodate a further three folded wheelchairs. Electronic wheelchairs are also welcome.

All boats, except Star, Storm and Sky Clipper, have accessible toilets and larger boats have baby changing tables.

Members of our Mobility Scooter Recognition Scheme are able to bring their mobility scooters on board. Learn more

Audio and Visual Information

  • All of the boats have audible next stop announcements on board, letting passengers know which stop is coming up.
  • The piers have visual next boat information, letting passengers know when the next boat will arrive and where it is going to.
  • Our crew on board the boats and staff at piers are more than happy to offer help and assistance.

Guide and Assistance dogs

You can bring a Guide or Assistance dog on board with you without charge. We welcome all Guide and Assistance dogs, including: Fetch and carry dogs, Mental health companion dogs and Seizure-alert dogs.

We do not allow Guide or Assistance dogs on seats.

Geoffrey Baumbach Gzhaf9okwu0 Unsplash

We want to make travelling across London by River Bus easier for people with disabilities, people who are older or travelling with children. We want to give you the confidence to make full use of our services.

Mobility Scooter Recognition Scheme

The Mobility Scooter Recognition Scheme has been designed to help anybody with a mobility scooter who wishes to use Uber Boat by Thames Clippers vessels.

Only certain models of mobility scooter can travel on our vessels. Whilst some mobility scooters will fit, some are too large, so we need to understand which one you will be using.

To check if your mobility scooter is able to travel on our services, please email web@thamesclippers.com with the following details:

  • Make & model of the scooter that will be used for travel
  • Full Name, address and telephone number of the person using the mobility scooter

If your mobility scooter is approved we will then send you a ‘Mobility Aid Card’ which you can show to the pier staff and crew; this signifies to them that your scooter is approved for travel.

As a user you will have knowledge and experience of the scooter's capabilities, so when accessing our gangways, please consider the following advice and only do so if you are confident it is safe.

  • If your scooter has three wheels, extra care needs to be taken when driving off the gangway due to the gradient on some piers, inclement weather and the potential movement of the gangway.
  • When driving off the gangway avoid turning the steering until the back wheels are firmly on the pier.

If you have any concerns please speak to a crew member who will be pleased to assist you.

Tickets for people with disabilities and carers

  • Any person with a valid Disabled I.D. badge/card, irrespective of the Council that this was issued from, or a Freedom Pass will receive a 50% discount off ticket fares.
  • A carer accompanying passengers with a Disabled I.D. badge/card will receive a complimentary ticket (same as the ticket bought by the person they are accompanying).
  • If buying your ticket online, via the Tickets app or at the ticket machines at the pier, please select the Freedom Pass fare.

Please talk to a member of staff at one of our ticket offices; if the pier is not manned please speak to the crew when boarding the boat. The person with a Disabled I.D. badge/card will need to buy their ticket before boarding and are allowed one complimentary ticket per person.