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Turn your mobile phone into your ticket and make your life easier if you travel by river often. Download the Thames Clippers Tickets app and buy tickets anytime, anywhere; no queuing, no looking for your tickets in your inbox, just open your app and look in your Ticket Wallet. Simple and convenient.

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    Search for "Thames Clippers Tickets" on your App Store or Google Play, and download the app for free

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    Enter your details and all future transactions will only need your login and CVV

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    Select a departure and destination pier and purchase your tickets securely. 

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    Open your ticket wallet, activate your ticket(s) and show the crew when boarding

Download the Thames Clippers Tickets app

The Tickets app makes your life easier and helps you get around London by river.

Everything you need to know about our app


Can I purchase and activate more than one ticket?

Yes you can purchase more than one same type of ticket per transaction, just select the Multiple tab. Activate as many tickets as people travelling

How long does my ticket stay active?

Travel tickets stay active for 90 minutes, long enough for you to reach your destination. Hot drink tickets stay active for 5 minutes

When do my tickets expire?

Tickets that haven't been activated will expire within 90 days of purchase except for Flex 4 and 6 Ticket Carnet that expire within 7 days of purchase

Download the Thames Clippers Tickets app