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Last updated: Thursday 8 July 2021

Changes to RB4 from Friday 9 July

We're increasing our RB4 services from Friday 9 July. No changes have been made to RB1, RB2 or RB6 services since 14 June.

If you use our RB4 service to cross the Thames between Canary Wharf and Rotherhithe, please be aware of the following:

  • We have increased the number of morning crossings that can be made Monday - Thursday
    • On weekdays, crossings take place at roughly 10-minute intervals 06:45 - 11:06, 15:00 - 19:53 and 20:15 - 21:13
  • On Fridays, we have increased services during the day and they run later into the evening
    • Crossings can now be made 06:45 - 12:06, 13:00 - 19:53 and 20:30 - 23:03
  • On Saturdays, we have reduced service breaks and extended the service later into the evening
    • Crossings can now be made 09:45 - 19:58 and 20:45 - 23:23
  • On Sundays, RB4 services continue to operate to their former weekend timetable, starting and finishing later than on weekdays
    • Crossings can be made 09:45 - 19:58 and 20:15 - 21:38

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We continue to regularly review our services, particularly RB4, in-line with changing customer demand. Please keep an eye out for more information as it becomes available.

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Summer timetable changes - in effect since 14 June

RB1, RB2 and RB6 departure times have not changed since our summer timetable was introduced on 14 June. You can see a summary of the changes we introduced then below:


  • Key London piers are served with a 10-20 minute frequency.
  • The earliest weekday services is a Westbound RB6 service starting at 05:25 from Canary Wharf Pier and Westbound RB1 service departing from Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) Pier at 06:23.
  • On weekends RB1 starts at 08:00 from Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) Pier and RB2 at 08:05 from Battersea Power Station Pier.
  • On weekdays, the last RB1 eastbound service arrives at Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) Pier at 23:28 and the last westbound RB6 arrives at Putney Pier at 20:54.
  • On weekends the last service arrives at Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) Pier at 23:46 (RB2) and at Battersea Power Station Pier at 22:26 (RB2).

RB1 (daily)

  • On weekends RB1 stops at all East and Central Zone piers between Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) and London Eye (Waterloo) piers at a 30-minute frequency from 08:00.
  • On weekends, this means that passengers travelling to/ from Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) and Royal Wharf piers can remain on RB1, no longer needing to change at North Greenwich Pier (previously the RB5 service).
  • On weekdays the last AM service from Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) Pier departs at 11:05. Woolwich services resume at 17:25.

RB2 (weekday off-peak and weekends)

  • There is a daily direct link between Battersea and the East Zone via Canary Wharf.
  • RB2 runs at a 30-minute frequency between Battersea Power Station Pier and Greenwich Pier on weekdays or North Greenwich Pier on weekends.
  • A 10-30 minute frequency has been maintained on weekend evenings for piers in the Central and East Zones, with later RB2 eastbound services calling at these piers.

RB6 (weekday peak)

  • We have increased Canary Wharf - Putney services.
    • 8 out of our 9 morning eastbound RB6 sailings from Putney call at Canary Wharf
    • 7 out of our 9 evening westbound RB6 departures terminate at Putney.
  • The first eastbound RB6 service from Putney arrives at Canary Wharf Pier at 08:08.
  • Services to the East Zone have been increased with the last three Eastbound RB6 sailings terminating at Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) Pier.
  • The last RB6 service arrives at Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) Pier at 22:43.

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All our services still have an enhanced cleaning regime and social distancing measures in place. Please remember face coverings are mandatory on all public transport and must be worn on all piers and vessels unless exempt.

Our café bars are open with special measures in place; you may remove your face covering to eat or drink on board.

Please use our Lifebuoy hand sanitiser stations and adhere to our Covid-19 safety measures.

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