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Last updated: Monday 5 February 2024

Fares from 3 March 2024

Fares are changing from Sunday 3 March 2024. Monthly and Annual Season Tickets will be frozen for a second year in a row whilst all other fares will increase by an average of 4.5%. This will affect adult, child, concession, Travelcard and family fares.

Please read below for details and for the full list of prices. 

Which fares are changing:

  • All Standard Single and Return tickets purchased at the pier (ticket office or self-service kiosks); best tickets to travel from A to B.

  • All Single and Return fares on Oyster/contactless/online/app will continue to offer up to 24% savings compared to buying a ticket directly at the pier.

  • The Cross River fare is increasing from £3.95 to £4.10 The Cross River fare makes crossing the Thames easier and cheaper for customers wanting to travel between the following piers: Barking Riverside ⇄ Woolwich (Royal Arsenal), Greenland (Surrey Quays) ⇄ Canary Wharf and Doubletree Docklands ⇄ Canary Wharf. Touch in and out with your Oyster card or buy your ticket on the apps and save up to 34% on your fare when compared to buying a regular single ticket.

  • The Commuter AM ticket continues to offer 25% savings compared to when touching in and out with your Oyster or Contactless card. This ticket is available exclusively on the Thames Clippers Tickets app to travel on our services Monday to Friday between 06:30 am and 09:30 am.

  • River Roamer tickets offer unlimited all-day travel. The price increase will affect the Standard fare as well as the online and app fare. For a family of up to five, the Family River Roamer ticket continues to offer excellent value: up to 3 children (5-15 years old) travel for free with two adults. Buy online or via the Thames Clippers Tickets app or Uber app for a 10% saving.

  • The price of flexible ticket carnets (4, 6, 10 and 20-ticket carnets) is also increasing but they will continue to offer flexibility and great value for money: when buying a 20-ticket carnet you are effectively getting 20 single tickets for the price of 15.

  • Weekly season tickets were frozen last year, but despite the price increase from 3 March, they remain the best option if you need to travel with us for a week, with savings over 50% compared to buying single tickets over the same period.

Which fares are being frozen:

  • Monthly and annual season tickets across all of the river zones will remain frozen for adult, Travelcard holders, child and concession fares. 

For users commuting regularly, season tickets offer unlimited travel and savings up to 75%*; this can work out to as little as £1.65** per journey.

When committing to an annual season ticket, you’re actually only paying for 10 months*** of travel instead of 12!

Season tickets are only available on the Thames Clippers Tickets app.

*Travelling on a Central, Central & East or Central & West Zone annual season ticket, compared with purchasing Adult Standard return tickets for 261 working days of the year. 
**Based on two journeys across 261 working days of the year, travelling on a West or East Zone annual season ticket.
 ***Purchasing an annual versus 12 monthly season tickets for any of our zones except All Zones. Savings range between 1.78-2.25 months’ saving when purchasing an annual versus 12 monthly season tickets for the same Zone.

Beat the increase

TC Tickets app wallpaper

Want to travel at the current price for a little bit longer? It’s simple, buy a 10 or 20-ticket Flexible Carnet for future travel before 3 March, when the price increase takes effect.

Flexible carnets are great for those who want to travel regularly by river but not every day. The price per journey can be up to 25% cheaper compared to paying with Oyster/contactless card and over 40% cheaper than buying single tickets at the pier!  

These carnets have a 90-day validity and are available on the Thames Clippers Tickets app and Uber app.

New fares

Please click below to view the new prices that will come into effect on Sunday 3 March 2024.