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Last updated: Thursday, 12 October

Extra services for October half-term

From Monday 23 to Friday 27 October our RB6 service, usually running weekdays during AM and PM commute hours, will be running throughout the day.

An extra 5 services will be running approximately every hour between Putney and Bankside stopping also at Wandsworth Riverside Quarter, Chelsea Harbour, Battersea Power Station and Westminster piers; with an extra 5 sailings going Westbound to Putney. All other services will remain the same.

Passengers can interchange between our RB1 and RB6 routes at either Westminster or Bankside piers if they wish to travel further afield.

Extra eastbound departures
Eastbound RB6 RB6 RB6 RB6 RB6
Putney 12:00 13:00 14:00 14:40 16:00
Wandsworth 12:07 13:07 14:07 14:47 16:07
Chelsea Harbour 12:16 13:17 14:17 14:56 16:17
Battersea Power Station 12:27 13:27 14:27 15:06 16:27
Westminster 12:41 13:41 14:41 15:19 16:41
Bankside 12:51   14:51 15:31 16:55
Tower       15:34 17:13
North Greenwich         17:26


Extra westbound departures
Westbound RB6 RB6 RB6 RB6 RB6
London Bridge City 10:54        
Bankside 11:01 11:55 12:55   14:55
Embankment 11:10        
Westminster 11:14 12:07 13:07 13:45 15:07
Millbank 11:20        
Vauxhall (St George Wharf) 11:24        
Battersea Power Station 11:29 12:20 13:20 13:58 15:20
Chelsea Harbour 11:41 12:31 13:31 14:09 15:31
Wandsworth 11:50 12:40 13:40 14:18 15:40
Putney 11:55 12:45 13:45 14:23 15:45


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Other service changes

Preferred sailing

If you are a weekly, monthly or annual season ticket holder, join the special Preferred Sailing queue at staffed piers and be the first to secure your spot on board. Staffed piers include North Greenwich, Greenwich, Canary Wharf, Tower, London Bridge City, Bankside, Embankment, Westminster, London Eye (Waterloo) and Battersea Power Station. Preferred Sailing is available during staffed hours (generally 10am – 6pm and later in the summer) every day of the week. It’s also available from Blackfriars Pier on weekdays during the evening commute (4.30pm – 6pm). Accompanying passengers who do not hold a season ticket will be asked to join the general queue. Please note that customers with disabilities may be boarded first.

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Unlocking West London by river

The expansion of our services to Chelsea, Wandsworth and Putney offers weekend services to and from the West of London. Find out more about some of the things you can do in the west near our piers.

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