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Weekday off-peak service to the East Zone and more

Last updated: Thursday 04 July 2024

From Monday 15 July 2024 we  will be making changes to our weekday and weekend timetable.

We’re excited to announce that we are expanding our River Bus services to/from Barking Riverside, Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) and Royal Wharf piers during off-peak hours Monday to Friday.

The weekday introduction of the hourly RB5 shuttle between Barking Riverside and North Greenwich, in addition to the existing weekend service, extends the operating hours to a full service allowing residents to travel into central London more easily for business or leisure. This will be implemented as a summer trial, and the continuation of this new link will be reviewed later in the year.

Passengers can interchange at North Greenwich Pier to continue their journey into central London as far west as Battersea Power Station or further afield to Putney Pier.

In addition, we'll be adding an extra RB6 and RB2 sailing both Westbound and Eastbound to enhance our late-night coverage and meet the growing demand for evening travel options.

For the best experience always check the timetable before travelling.

Summary of changes from 15 July:


  • RB5:
    • Introduction of  an hourly RB5 shuttle between North Greenwich and Barking Riverside piers, stopping also at Royal Wharf and Woolwich (Royal Arsenal).
  • RB6:
    • Current RB6 services running off-peak to Royal Wharf will terminate at North Greenwich Pier.
    • An extra Westbound sailing is being added from London Bridge City Pier to Putney Pier departing at 21:23.
    • An extra Eastbound sailing is being added from Putney at 22:25.
    • Departure times to some evening sailings have been modified by a few minutes.
  • RB1:
    • Current RB1 services starting at Royal Wharf during off-peak will start at North Greenwich Pier.
    • Two additional evening sailings both Westbound and Eastbound will be added to increase capacity to and from Battersea Power Station, stopping at Westminster and Embankment piers.
  • RB4:
    • The last Canary Wharf to Doubletree Docklands Pier will now depart at 23:35.


  • RB2:
    • Some Westbound and Eastbound sailing departure times have been slightly amended. Please check the timetable before travelling.
    • An extra Westbound service is being added from North Greenwich to Putney at 21:50.
    • An extra Eastbound service is being added from Putney to North Greenwich at 23:10.
  • RB4:
    • Service remains unchanged.

RB5 services between Barking Riverside and North Greenwich:

These changes will offer more frequent services for East Zone residents and also improve connectivity with the Elizabeth and Jubilee lines for East zone residents. 

Eastbound RB5 RB5 RB5 RB5 RB5
North Greenwich 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600
Royal Wharf 1204 1304 1404 1504 1604
Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) 1211 1311 1411 1511 1611
Barking Riverside 1218 1318 1418 1518 1618
Westbound RB5 RB5 RB5 RB5 RB1
Barking Riverside 1230 1330 1430 1530 1625
Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) 1241 1341 1441 1541 1634
Royal Wharf 1250 1350 1450 1550 1641
North Greenwich 1252 1352 1452 1552 1645

Please check the timetable before travelling.


Timetable from 15 July 2024

Previous service changes

Extra weekday sailings from Monday 10 June

From Monday 10 June, we’ll be introducing additional off-peak daytime services between Tower and Battersea Power Station with stops at London Bridge City, Embankment and Blackfriars piers. Eastbound sailings will also include a stop at London Eye (Waterloo) Pier.

These extra weekday sailings will help accommodate the increased demand during the busier summer period and implement an all-day service at Blackfriars Pier.