As London continues to evolve, sustainability is no longer a fleeting trend—it’s becoming a way of life. Along the scenic banks of the Thames, a new wave of eco-conscious dining and shopping options is flourishing, offering locals and tourists alike the chance to indulge in sustainable practices while enjoying the capital’s unique charm.

In this article, discover the top sustainable restaurants and shopping spots in London, conveniently accessible via Uber Boat by Thames Clippers.

5 Sustainable restaurants in London

Spring at Somerset House

Closest pier: Embankment Pier

Approx. 8-minute walk to destination.

Spring serves up sustainability on a plate with its pioneering ‘Scratch’ menu, designed to combat food waste by using ingredients that might otherwise be discarded. They were also the first restaurant in London to be single-use plastic-free.

Wahaca, Southbank

Closest pier: London Eye (Waterloo) Pier

Approx. 7-minute walk to destination.

Wahaca serves Mexican dishes with an emphasis on sustainability. This restaurant has been a frontrunner in eco-friendly dining, utilising locally sourced ingredients and maintaining a carbon-neutral status since 2016. Their efforts extend beyond the kitchen, with comprehensive sustainability programmes that cover everything from waste reduction to responsible sourcing.

Somerset House

Sticks ‘n’ Sushi, Greenwich

Closest pier: Greenwich Pier

Approx. 4-minute walk to destination.

Sticks ‘n’ Sushi’s philosophy of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, is evident in their commitment to sustainable seafood and responsible dining practices. Their approach extends beyond the menu, aiming to influence the community and inspire other businesses through their SushiStainable initiative.


Closest pier: Cadogan Pier or Battersea Power Station Pier

Approx. 12-minute walk to destination 12-minute cycling from Battersea. 

Rabbit captures the essence of the English countryside with its farm-to-fork approach. Focusing on zero-waste cookery and local sourcing, Rabbit not only offers a dynamic menu but also embodies the principles of sustainability with every dish served.

Frog by Adam Handling

Closest pier: Embankment Pier

Approx. 8-minute walk to destination.

Frog stands out not just for its culinary excellence but for its unwavering commitment to sustainability. From using every part of an ingredient to engaging in foraging and preservation, Frog’s practices ensure that luxury dining can be both exquisite and environmentally conscious.

Sustainable shopping in London

The Odd Chair Company

Closest pier: Battersea Power Station Pier

Approx. 18-minute walk to destination.

Experience the art of furniture making with a sustainable twist at The Odd Chair Company. Their commitment to traditional craftsmanship and high-quality materials makes each piece a testament to longevity and environmental responsibility. They also bring your furniture back to life with tailored re-upholstery and restoration service.

Type of store: luxury

De le Cuona, Chelsea Harbour

Closest pier: Chelsea Harbour Pier

Approx. 6-minute walk to destination.

De Le Cuona pioneers sustainable luxury in home textiles, ensuring every material they use is natural and ethically sourced. Their innovative sample recycling scheme represents a commitment to circular economy practices, encouraging customers to return unused samples to help reduce the environmental impact of textile waste.

Type of store: luxury


Borough Market

Closest pier: London Bridge City Pier or Bankside Pier

Approx. 6-minute walk to destination.

Just steps away from the pier, Borough Market has transformed from a wholesale market into a hub of eco-friendly activity. With initiatives like zero waste to landfill and the donation of surplus food to charities, the market stands as a testament to what a local community can achieve with commitment and innovative thinking.

Type of store: market

Greenwich Market

Closest pier: Greenwich Pier

Approx. 3-minute walk to destination.

Greenwich Market offers an array of handcrafted, sustainable products. Each purchase here supports local artisans and their eco-friendly practices, making it an ideal spot for finding unique gifts that come with a reduced environmental footprint.

Type of store: market

Rokit, Covent Garden

Closest pier: Embankment pier

Approx. 14-minute walk to destination.

Since 1986, Rokit has celebrated vintage fashion while advocating for sustainable clothing practices. With a vast selection of handpicked, quality-checked vintage items, Rokit preserves the past while promoting a sustainable future in fashion.

Type of store: second hand vintage

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