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    Chelsea Harbour Pier, Harbour Avenue, London, SW10 0XB

    West River Zone

  • Wheelchair

    This pier is accessible

  • Clipper

    RB6 calls at Chelsea Harbour

  • Ticket (1)

    Ticket machine and Oyster Readers but no staffed ticket office

The pier serves the redeveloped Chelsea Harbour, a former commercial wharf that’s been converted for luxury residential use. This pier is step-free from street level, so is suitable for anyone travelling with a wheelchair, mobility scooter or pram. Please note that mobility scooter users are required to apply for a Mobility Scooter Recognition Scheme before being able to come on board.

Tickets can be bought at ticket machines at the pier before travel, but to save time and money touch in and out with your Oyster or contactless card. You can also buy your tickets online or use the Uber app or the Thames Clippers Tickets app.

River Bus services

RB6 Eastbound services to Blackfriars, Canary Wharf or North Greenwich call at Chelsea Harbour Pier roughly every 20 - 30 minutes on weekday mornings and evenings, taking commuters and tourists into the city centre.

Westbound RB6 services to Putney Pier also operate roughly every 20 - 30 minutes on weekday mornings and evenings.

RB6 currently only operates during mornings and evenings on weekdays.

Please check our timetable before travelling.

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Continuing your journey from Chelsea Harbour Pier

  • Subway

    Imperial Wharf Overground Station is just 200 metres from Chelsea Harbour Pier.

  • Bike

    A Santander Cycles station is nearby, outside Imperial Wharf Overground Station.

  • Parking Fill

    Imperial Wharf Car Park is located just down Harbour Avenue.

  • Car Pickup

    Buses, Ubers and taxis stop at Harbour Avenue.


Please read our full FAQ’s page.

Is Chelsea Harbour Pier accessible?

Yes, Chelsea Harbour Pier is wheelchair, mobility scooter and pram accessible by ramp.

Where can I find the Chelsea Harbour Pier timetable?

Details of the routes and times for all of our Thames Clipper river boats can be found by downloading our timetable.

Can I use my Oyster Card at Chelsea Harbour Pier?

Yes, you can touch in and touch out with contactless payment cards or Oyster to pay as you go on our services.

Can I buy tickets on the day?

Yes, tickets can be bought at ticket machines at the pier before travel.

Can I cancel my booking and get a refund?

Yes, but we require 72 hours’ notice before travelling in order to arrange a refund.