Construction has begun on Royal Wharf Pier: a new riverboat terminal which will be served by Thames Clippers.

Designed by London-based architects Nex— and engineers Beckett Rankine, Royal Wharf Pier, located in Ballymore and Oxley’s Royal Wharf development in London’s Royal Docks, will arguably be the most distinctive pier on the Thames with unique river views.

Nex— were selected for their innovative response to the site’s unusual constraints, creating a solution that harnesses infrastructure as an integral part of valuable public realm. As a result, Royal Wharf Pier uses strikingly contemporary design to replace an existing derelict jetty, addressing the practical requirements of Thames Clippers’ traffic while also providing a unique and generous public space that can be enjoyed by all.

Royal Wharf Pier is part of the Royal Wharf development by Ballymore and Oxley. This new neighbourhood for London will comprise 3,385 riverside properties housing around 10,000 residents and stands within the £3.5bn Royal Docks regeneration area. Its townhouses, duplexes, apartments and suites are inspired by the classical heritage of London’s great squares and neighbourhoods and are focused around Sovereign Place – a new market square filled with shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. 45% of the 40 acre development is devoted to outside space, including a 500m riverfront promenade.

Royal Wharf Pier is on target to open later this year.

Sean Collins, Chief Executive Officer, at Thames Clippers, said:

“Thames Clippers welcomes the start of construction for the new Royal Wharf Pier enhancing our collaboration with Ballymore, which has been ongoing for many years. This is a significant milestone in our company’s network of piers across its 25km route, with Royal Wharf currently being our furthest pier east on the north bank of the Thames, servicing this fantastic riverside development. Residents will have the opportunity to enjoy water transport, with connections to Central London and as far west as Putney via Battersea.”

John Mulryan, Group Managing Director, at Ballymore, adds:

“Major new infrastructure like our Royal Wharf pier is a game-changer for east London’s connectivity - for north to south of the river, and into central London. Non-road travel is an essential part of the sustainability and growth of London’s commuter network, and this pier will soon be a part of that. Nex— has done an incredible job on the design, which we reveal in further detail today in these new images. Now that construction is underway, the vision is one step closer to being realised.”

Alan Dempsey, director at Nex—, said:

“In working with Ballymore and continuing our interest in connecting people to place, we saw an opportunity to combine new transport infrastructure with a distinctive new public space for London floating over the Thames. The pier provides both residents of Royal Wharf and visitors with new access to the city, while also offering places to gather, sit and enjoy the remarkable views of the Millennium Park, Thames Barrier and Canary Wharf.”

As well as serving local residents, Royal Wharf Pier will be an approximate 15-minute walk from London City Airport, and Thames Clippers is exploring further opportunities to improve links with the airport.