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Pay as you go

Pay for single journeys with contactless or Oyster card for pay as you go. You can also buy tickets in advance through our website, app and the Uber app. It’s convenient and up to 24% cheaper than buying a paper ticket at the pier.

Oyster readers are located next to the boarding point on the pier. When instructed to do so by a member of staff, touch in with your Oyster or contactless payment card and touch out when you disembark, including at interchanges, to ensure you pay the correct fare.

If your Oyster card is linked to a Transport for London (TfL) Travelcard, you will automatically receive ⅓ off. If you have a paper Travelcard, you can still receive the discount by getting your tickets online, or via the Thames Clippers Tickets or Uber apps.

Zone Single adult on Oyster/ Online/ App TfL Travelcard price per journey
East £5.60 £4.15
West £5.60 £4.15
Central only £9.00 £7.60
Central & East £10.25 £8.95
Central & West £10.25 £8.95
All Zones £17.30 £12.40

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Season tickets for daily commuters

If you plan to use our services every day, season tickets offer you the best value for money.

You can buy season tickets for weekly, monthly or annual unlimited travel and save up to 75%* compared to making two journeys per day and paying as you go with an Oyster/ contactless payment card. This can work out as little as £1.61** per journey with our annual option.

And by committing to an annual rather than buying monthly season tickets, over a 12-month period this could effectively save you the cost of more than two months’ travel***


  • 33% off for Travelcard, 18+ Student Oyster Photocard and Apprentice Oyster Photocard.
  • 50% off for children aged 5-15 and concession pass holders.
Café Bar discount - Get 15% off all food and drink on board
Preferred Sailing* - Be the first to secure a spot on board

*Preferred Sailing is available at staffed piers (generally between 10am – 6pm).

Season tickets are only available via the Thames Clippers Tickets app.

Zone  1 week 1 month 12 months
East £30.95 £85.50 £841.90
West £30.95 £85.50 £841.90
Central £45.10 £129.40 £1,261.70
Central & East £59.50 £149.10 £1,461.90
Central & West £59.50 £149.10 £1,461.90
All Zones £60.05 £220.75 £2,255.55

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*Travelling on a Central, Central & East or Central & West Zone annual season ticket, compared with purchasing Adult Standard return tickets for 261 working days of the year.
**Based on two journeys across 261 working days of the year, travelling on a West or East Zone annual season ticket.
***Purchasing an annual versus 12 monthly season tickets for any of our zones except All Zones. Savings range between 1.78-2.25 months’ saving when purchasing an annual versus 12 monthly season tickets for the same Zone.

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Commuter AM

Our "Commuter AM" ticket gives flexibility and provides savings to your morning commute. When buying a single Commuter AM ticket, available exclusively on the Thames Clippers Tickets app, you will save 25% compared to when touching in and out with your Oyster or Contactless card.

Buy the Commuter AM ticket anytime and use it to travel on our services Monday to Friday between 06:30 am and 09:30 am.

Maybe you want to try our services before committing to a 20-Ticket Carnet or season ticket; or perhaps you only travel every few months, either way, our Commuter AM ticket is perfect for you.

Tickets are now available for purchase from the Thames Clippers Tickets app; choose your departure and arrival pier > select Single > Commuter AM.

Zone Single Commuter AM (25% off)
East £5.60 £4.20
West £5.60 £4.20
Central £9.00 £6.75
Central & East £10.25 £7.65
Central & West £10.25 £7.65
All Zones £17.30 £13.00
Upgrade your morning commute

Flexible carnets to save on less-frequent travel

If you are a regular user of our services but don’t always need to commute by River Bus, you can still save money by purchasing a Ticket Carnet through our app.

Flexible carnets allow you to make 4 or 6 journeys over one week, or 10 or 20 journeys over three months. Buying a carnet is up to 25% cheaper than paying as you go using Oyster or contactless payment cards.

For instance, when you purchase a Flex 20 ticket carnet you’re actually buying 20 journeys for the price of 15!

Zone Flex 4
(7-day validity)
Flex 6
(7-day validity)
Flex 10
(90-day validity)
Flex 20
(90-day validity)
East £17.80 £26.70 £44.80 £84.00
West £17.80 £26.70 £44.80 £84.00
Central only £28.20 £42.30 £72.00 £135.00
Central & East £32.00 £48.00 £82.00 £153.80
Central & West £32.00 £48.00 £82.00 £153.80
All Zones - - £138.40 -

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Cross River

Making crossing the Thames easier and cheaper for customers wanting to travel between the following piers: 

  • Barking Riverside Pier  Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) Pier
    For an easy connection with the Elizabeth line (within 9 minutes)
  • Greenland (Surrey Quays) Pier  Canary Wharf Pier
  • Doubletree Docklands Pier  Canary Wharf Pier
    For an easy connection to the Jubilee and Elizabeth lines, the DLR or Santander bikes.
one adult Adult
Oyster / App


Touch in and out with an Oyster or contactless card or alternatively purchase your Cross River ticket on the Thames Clippers Tickets or Uber apps.

Terms and conditions:

- The Cross River fare applies when touching in and out with an Oyster or contactless card for pay as you go or by buying a Cross River ticket on the Thames Clippers Tickets or Uber apps.
- Discounts are not available for the Cross River fare: children, concession or Travelcard discounts do not apply. For these rates please purchase a regular East Zone ticket to receive a discount.
-Only applies for single journeys between DoubleTree Docklands / Greenland (Surrey Quays) and Canary Wharf piers or Barking Riverside and Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) piers.

Park & Glide

[Currently not available]

Park your car securely at The O2 for the day and use the River Bus to travel into the city from North Greenwich Pier and back with our Park and Glide for work tickets. They’re great value for money.

Perfect for those who live in or near to South East London, you can avoid London’s Congestion Charge Zone, and costly central parking charges by gliding into town aboard the River Bus.

Note: 'Park & Glide for Work' tickets are temporarily unavailable. We are working to bring them back as soon as possible. 'Park & Glide for Leisure' can still be purchased on our booking page.

Zone 1 day 3 days 5 days
East £18.40


Central & East £23.60 £61.80 £87.50

Find out more about River Travel Zones

Go unlimited for the day with a River Roamer

Planning to make multiple journeys in one day? Travel pier to pier across London with a River Roamer and hop-on, hop-off the River Bus all day.

Adult River Roamers cost £22.10 for one day’s unlimited travel in all zones when purchased online. That's 10% cheaper than buying a paper River Roamer ticket directly at the pier.

Only travelling in the East Zone? An East Zone River Roamer is perfect for travel across the eastern end of our route.

If you would like to make unlimited use of our services for multiple days, consider a Season Ticket.

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