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Service changes this spring:

We’re making some changes this April.


From April 1st 2019 there will be changes to our current timetable affecting all zones and all routes. This follows extensive analysis of existing services as well as listening to customer feedback, to ensure better regulation of our services but also increased sailings at key piers.

Key changes include:


  • RB1 Eastbound sailings in the morning will stop at St George Wharf (Vauxhall) Pier, which will provide a better service from this pier directly to Canary Wharf
  • RB1 Eastbound sailings in the morning will call at Bankside and Tower Piers to provide better frequency from these piers to Canary Wharf
  • An extra direct service to Canary Wharf Pier has been added to the RB6 Eastbound service in the morning
  • More departures and more direct services from Battersea Power Station Pier arriving by 0910 at Canary Wharf Pier


  • Eastbound services will have a 15 minute frequency during the main part of the day from key piers
  • RB1X will now additionally stop at Canary Wharf Westbound only and Bankside Eastbound only
  • Extra sailings have been added in the evening to/from Battersea Power Station Pier to support the growing evening economy

Weekdays and Weekends:

  • RB2 will now run as far as Tower Pier. During weekends those travelling Eastbound to London Bridge City Pier will go via Tower Pier, no change required
  • RB2 will no longer call at Blackfriars, which will be served by RB1 and RB6 weekdays only (there is no service to/from Blackfriars on weekends)
  • RB2 will now call at Westminster, which also continues to be served by RB1 and RB1X
  • From the summer, we will call at the new Royal Wharf Pier on an RB1/RB5 East Zone extension

New Timetable


New Prices

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Price Update

From April 1st there will also be changes to some of our prices affecting West, Central and Central & West Zones. Following substantial investment in our fleet, technology and green engineering, in January we increased some ticket prices but were able to defer the increase of others. This year our fleet will expand to 19 boats calling at 23 piers, with the arrival of Royal Wharf Pier in the summer.

As of April 1st further price increases will take effect:

  • West and Central & West fares will increase after remaining frozen in January
  • The change affects the Standard fare, the Oyster/Online/App fare and the discounted Travelcard, Child and London Freedom Pass fares for these Zones
  • The Central Zone Standard, Travelcard and Child fares will increase. The Central Zone Oyster/Online/App fare and Freedom Pass fare remains frozen
  • After more than three years of frozen season ticket prices, these are being increased for the first time since September 2015. After increasing fares for Central, East, Central & East and All Zones in January, we are now increasing season ticket fares for West and Central & West Zones
  • Our contract to operate the RB6 route from Transport for London (TfL) will end at the end of March 2019. This service will move to a Licence to operate with TfL which means the service will no longer receive a subsidy and will also need to absorb the pier tolls to service each private pier on the RB6 route. The above inflation price increase for Central and West Zone is purely as a result of the new collective pier fee position and to ensure the current level of service is maintained
  • We appreciate that this increase is significantly above inflation, but the loss of subsidy and higher pier tolls represents an additional increase to our operating costs of close to 20%. Whilst we have absorbed some of this, we have no option but to increase prices to ensure service viability

For our regular travellers, our season tickets still continue to offer the best value for money, offering a saving of up to 71%* with the annual option. A single journey can work out as little as £1.50** a journey with the annual option.

Our best cost-saving fares include:

  • Carnet tickets (introduced January 2019): 10 pre-paid journeys for the price of 9, available for purchase via the MBNA Thames Clippers app
  • Cheaper Standard walk-up return fare (introduced January 2019), making a return journey cheaper than two Adult Single journeys
  • Buying online in advance continues to offer the best value for Standard River Roamer and Family River Roamer tickets, with a saving of 10%
  • For a family of up to five, the Family River Roamer ticket offers excellent value: up to 3 children (5-15 years old) travel for free with two adults
  • Children under 5 years old continue to travel for free as standard

The above changes will come into effect on 1st April 2019.

* Travelling on a Central and East Zone Only annual season ticket, compared with purchasing Adult Standard return tickets for 261 working days of the year.
**Based on two journeys across 261 working days of the year, travelling on an East or West Zone Only annual season ticket.