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New snacks and drinks on board

Ended Dec 31, 2017 at 4:35 PM

danish-pastry-892909_1920 624x250.jpg

We now have a range of pastries, bars, snack pots and drinks available at our on-board bars for you to indulge in!

From local bakery Paul Rhodes, we have new Cherry, Apple and Apricot Danishes to complement your morning coffee.

If a snack is what you're after, there are many varieties to choose from, such as brownies, flapjacks and shortbread from the Yours to Enjoy Range.

As well sandwiches and crisps, we now have hummus and carrot dips and fruit salads for those looking for a healthy snack.

And to join our diverse range of drinks we have Tiptree's Apple and Blackberry, Apple and Raspberry, and Apple and Strawberry juices.

So why not come on board and try these brand new snacks to make your sightseeing journey extra special?

This offer has ended.