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Art Night

Ended Jul 8, 2018 at 6:00 AM

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Hop on board our exclusive overnight service to enjoy the best of Art Night!

One of London's largest contemporary arts festivals, Art Night, held this year on 7 July, puts art into extraordinary locations around London for one night a year. This year's Art Night extends from Hayward Gallery and along the South Bank, through Vauxhall and Nine Elms to Battersea Power Station. Find out more information about the festival here.

This year, we're teaming up with Art Night for a bespoke overnight River Bus service for Art Night audiences. Running on a half hour loop from 7pm until 4am, our Art Night service will stop at London Eye (Waterloo) Pier, St George Wharf (Vauxhall) Pier and Battersea Power Station Pier.

As well as travelling in style and comfort to Art Night events, food art maestros Bompas & Parr will be entertaining travellers with their special "ode to the potato" event: The Secret Life of the Potato. They'll be dispensing high-starch libations and snacks on the Thames' only potato party-boat! Find out more about it here.


Regular weekend RB2 scheduled service


Embankment Pier 1814 1844 1914 1944 2017
Millbank Pier 1822 1852 1922 1952 2023
St George Wharf (Vauxhall) Pier 1825 1855 1925 1955 2026
Battersea Power Station Pier 1828 1858 1928 1958 2028


Battersea Power Station Pier 1800 1830 1900 1930 2000
St George Wharf (Vauxhall) Pier 1805 1835 1905 1935 2005
Millbank Pier 1808 1838 1908 1938 2008
Embankment Pier 1817 1847 1917 1947 2017

Bespoke Art Night Service


London Eye (Waterloo) Pier 1900 1930 Every 00 & 30 until... 0000 0100 Every 00 & 30 until... 0330
St George Wharf (Vauxhall) Pier 1907 1937 Every 07 & 37 until... 0007 0107 Every 07 & 37 until... 0337
Battersea Power Station Pier 1912 1942 Every 12 & 42 until... 0012 0112 Every 12 & 42 until... 0342


Battersea Power Station Pier 1915 1945 Every 15 & 45 until... 2345 0045 Every 15 & 45 until... 0345
St George Wharf (Vauxhall) Pier 1920 1950 Every 20 & 50 until... 2350 0050 Every 20 & 50 until... 0350
London Eye (Waterloo) Pier 1927 1957 Every 27 & 57 until... 2357 0057 Every 27 & 57 until... 0357 

Ticket information:

The best way to enjoy Art Night would be with a return ticket or River Roamer, allowing you to hop-on and hop-off along the route throughout the night. You will also be able to touch in and out with contactless or Oyster to pay as you go at the Piers on the bespoke service.

Adult single fares for the bespoke Art Night service (all in Central Zone) cost from £5.60 (TfL Travelcard holders), £6.50 (Oyster/App/online fare), £8.40 (Standard fare).

An Adult River Roamer costs from £13 (TfL Travelcard holders), £16.30 (online fare), £19.50 (Standard fare).  A family river roamer (2 adults, 3 kids 5-15 years) costs from £32.60 (online fare), £38 (Standard fare)

Please note: London Eye (Waterloo) Pier to Battersea Power Station Pier counts as a single journey. A round trip on our bespoke Art Night service (e.g. start/end London Eye (Waterloo) Pier) would count as a return journey, and pay as you go customers will be required to touch out & back in again on reaching the end of the single journey.


More Art Night events along our route

Dwelling (2014) - Hayward Gallery

This work is a continuation of Yuan Goang-Ming’s investigation into the cultural nuances of ‘home’, ‘dwelling’ and ‘ruins’. The video presents an ostensibly comfortable bourgeois living room. Yuan has filmed the work underwater, imbuing the debris with a surreal, dream-like quality. Find out more here.

Nearest pier: London Eye (Waterloo) Pier

RUPTURE - Garden Museum

An evening of live performance and music in three acts hosted by artist and activist Liv Wynter. The first act will focus on spoken word and poetry, the second act will feature DRAG and dance performances, and the third and final act will conclude the evening with live music and DJ sets. Find out more here.

Nearest pier: London Eye (Waterloo) Pier

Self and Other (for the Albert Embankment) - Albert Embankment

Random International brings its first permanent, public, outdoor work in the UK, together with Studio Wayne McGregor, in the form of Self and Other (for the Albert Embankment) - a responsive sculpture translating the onlooker's full-length, moving reflection into light, captured within large layers of glass. Find out more here.

Nearest pier: St George Wharf (Vauxhall) Pier

I Poveri Sono Matti (The Poor are Mad) - Nine Elms

I Poveri Sono Matti (The Poor are Mad) is an installation by Lara Favaretto in the form of a red and blue caravan suspended thirty metres above the ground by a crane, with the popular polka song 'Rosamunde' resonating from the caravan's interior. The work's title is borrowed from a novel by Italian writer Cesare Zavattini. Find out more here.

Nearest pier: St George Wharf (Vauxhall) Pier

Art Night Festival Square - Battersea Power Station

A hub of workshops, merchandise, information and food and drinks, such as Flower Buttonhole Workshop, Battersea Brewery Kiosk and Wine Flight at Vagabond. Plus, visit the Art Night shop & Info Hub to get limited-edition Art Night merchandise, including tote bags designed by Halil Altindere and stickers by Jeremy Deller. Find out everything happening here.

Nearest pier: Battersea Power Station Pier

SURVIVOR (F) + Interplanetary Dresses For Space Travel (2018) - Battersea Power Station

Suzanne Treister’s site-specific commission appears on the hoardings around Battersea Power Station at the newly opened stretch of riverfront in Circus West Village. Watercolours from Treister’s SURVIVOR (F) project (2016-ongoing) are combined with images of the power station’s iconic chimneys in a new 80-metre long mural. This project reflects on technological advancement and the ruins of older technologies left in its wake. Find out more here.

Nearest pier: Battersea Power Station Pier

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