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Timetable Updates

We will be introducing a new timetable on Monday 31st October for both RB1 weekday and RB6 services.

The new timetable takes into consideration the relocation of Blackfriars Pier and has focused on minimising pier clashes in central London to improve service punctuality.

Please note there will be no changes to RB2 or RB4 timetables.

Please click here to view the new timetable.  

On Monday 31st October the new Blackfriars pier will open just to the east of Blackfriars railway bridge. Please see map below. The current pier will be removed to make way for the Thames Tideway Tunnel project. The new pier will have two full berths for the River Bus compared to the current one berth which will improve the interchange between RB1 / RB6 and reduce congestion along our route.  

The new pier is just a short walk from the current pier; please follow directional signage from 31st October.