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Service alerts

This page is updated regularly when we have advanced notice of issues which may cause changes to our scheduled timetable.

For the most up to date information on our services please check our Twitter page.
As soon as we are aware of any timetable irregularities, service alerts will be issued via Twitter.

  • Wednesday 11 - Friday 13 December | St George Wharf (Vauxhall) | Low tide

    Extremely low tides are expected in the evenings which may prevent some of our RB1 services from docking safely at St George Wharf (Vauxhall) Pier. Extremely low tide is expected at the following times:

    -16:45 - 17:30, Wednesday 11 December
    -17:30 - 18:30, Thursday 12 December
    -18:30 - 19:30, Friday13 December

    Please follow @thamesclippers on Twitter for the latest updates.

  • Monday 2 - Friday 20 December | West Zone | SWR strike

    Due to RMT industrial action on South Western Railway, we are expecting increased demand on our RB6 route. Eastbound customers are advised to board from Battersea Power Station or St George Wharf (Vauxhall) Pier, if possible, so that they can benefit from RB1 services as well as RB6.

    For the first week of the strike St George Wharf (Vauxhall), Battersea Power Station and all West Zone piers have been staffed during morning commute times. From Monday 9 December, however, West Zone piers will no longer be staffed. The preferred sailing trial will once again revert to Tower, Embankment, Blackfriars and Westminster Piers for the PM commute only, offered to annual season ticket holders.

Please follow our Twitter account for live updates @thamesclippers

What causes service delays and alerts?

Spontaneous service delays can be caused by a number of issues including river congestion, pier congestion, passenger demand, passenger disruption and occasional technical issues with our vessels. When we are aware of these disruptions, a service alert is issued via our Twitter page.

Anticipated service alerts can be caused by:

  • Thames Barrier closures
    The Thames Barrier is located between Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) and Royal Wharf piers. When the barrier is closed for tests, or to prevent London from flooding, our services are unable to reach Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) Pier.
  • Riverside activities
    The Thames is an incredibly active river and events regularly take place along its banks and on the river itself which have the potential to affect some services.
  • Tidal conditions
    At extremely low tides, our vessels may be unable to dock successfully at some of our piers or it may be unsafe for passengers to attempt to board from them. Low tide also limits the Thames’s river traffic capacity which can cause congestion.
  • London fog
    In extreme fog our services cannot operate. As foggy conditions can change rapidly, please check our Twitter page for the most up-to-date information.

About our Twitter updates

  • Our fleet control update Twitter with delay information using TfL’s wording for delays. “Minor” refers to delays between 5-15 minutes. “Severe” refers to delays that are over 15 minutes.
  • When a service is “suspended between two piers” this means that the service is not able to run between the piers mentioned or at the intermediate piers.
  • We cannot always give a specific reason for each individual delay nor can our fleet control respond to individual tweets asking about the arrival time of your service.

We apologise for any inconvenience that service disruption has caused to your journey and we always appreciate your patience while we manage the matter.