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Price Updates January 2nd 2018

From January 2nd 2018 there will be changes to some of our prices. This follows substantial investment in our fleet and further expansion of our service, now calling at 22 piers.

  • The Central, East, Central & East and All Zones fares will increase. This change affects the Standard fare, the Oyster/Online/App fare and the discounted Travelcard, Child and Freedom Pass fares for these Zones
  • The Standard River Roamer price, for purchase at ticket offices and machines, will increase

We are pleased to announce that season ticket prices will remain frozen – at the same price since September 2015 – offering a saving of up to 75% with the annual option, meaning a single journey can be as little as £2.

The West Zone and Central & West Zone fares will not be changing until April 2018.

The online River Roamer price also remains frozen so you can save over 10% by booking online. The above changes will come into effect on January 2nd 2018.

Please see the full list of new prices here

Festive Timetable

We will be operating to a festive timetable from 23rd December 2017 to 1st January 2018. Please check before you travel. There will be no services running on 25th or 26th December.

Twitter updates

For the most up to date information on our services please check our Twitter page @thamesclippers

Our fleet control update Twitter with delay information using TfL’s wording for delays. “Minor” refers to delays between 5-15 minutes. “Severe” refers to delays that are over 15 minutes. When a service is suspended between two piers this means that the service is not running at that time between the piers mentioned.

As delays on the river can be caused by a number of factors including pier congestion, passenger demand, tides and sometimes technical problems with the vessels, we always appreciate your patience while we manage the matter. We cannot always give a specific reason for each individual delay nor can our fleet control respond to individual tweets asking about the arrival time of your service.

Fog conditions

In extreme fog our services cannot operate, see more. Please check Twitter for latest updates.

Service Updates 

For the latest service updates for MBNA Thames Clippers please follow us on Twitter