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Posted: 11 Jul 2017

VIDEO - This is how you build £6.3 million worth of boat

Mercury Clipper, the latest addition to the MBNA Thames Clippers fleet – London’s leading river boat service – entered full service this week after a ten month build and a 200 nautical mile journey to its new home on the Thames in London.

The build of Mercury Clipper and sister boat, Jupiter Clipper, created over 75 new jobs across the Isle of Wight and London, including the hiring of two dedicated apprentices and engagement with over 100 local suppliers from across the South of England.

The two new 172 capacity passenger boats mark a £6.3 million investment in London’s port and transport infrastructure. They were built at the Wight Shipyard Co Ltd on the Isle of Wight.

With the order, MBNA Thames Clippers has set the record for the largest fast ferry order for a UK ship yard in over 20 years with non-government backed funding.

Adding 14 per cent capacity to the company’s network, MBNA Thames Clippers now has the largest fast commercial passenger fleet operating solely in English waters.

Mercury Clipper will be joined by Jupiter Clipper making the journey from the Isle of Wight and entering service in August 2017.