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Posted: 6 Jul 2017

My Summertime Commute

There was a moment back in June when I thought summer had been and gone and it was time to dig out the winter thermals. Thankfully the snow shoes can stay in their box, because the sunshine has returned, and it’s glorious on the river. Commuting to work knowing I'll have my own seat, mobile phone reception and a coffee bar on board means I can start my day easily, getting some work done and answering some emails (if I'm in the mood) or just staring out of the window daydreaming (if I'm not). At the end of the day, sitting outside in a cool breeze, sipping on a cold drink and enjoying the views of the city in the golden evening sunshine is a sure fire way to let go of the day's stresses.
I had a realisation whilst on one of my commutes last week that I may well have turned into a full blown boat geek! Not only do I have commutes to look forward to, but now the added thrill of boat-spotting - more specifically spotting one boat in particular, the brand new Mercury Clipper. It only arrived on the Thames last week and has started some sailings. I've kept a close eye out for it all week and finally on Friday I was able to step aboard. It still has that 'new boat smell' and is a very nice addition to the fleet!
Here are the nerdy facts: it seats 172 people, it has more space for bikes, it was built in the Isle of Wight, its sister vessel Jupiter will set sail next month, combined it's a £6.3million investment in London's transport infrastructure, and most exciting of all (should I admit that?): there are USB charging points!!! I don't know about you, but I always get to the end of the day with my phone battery on red, eking out the last morsels of power before the phone switches itself off. The USB ports are a godsend, now I can take photos, read the news and speak to my friends without worry and maybe even check the odd email.