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London’s River Thames is unique – there is so much history on and around the River on which our great capital has been built. Working life on the River is much the same, there is lots of history and tradition working in an industry which has been around for thousands of years and it’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement and buzz of life in the UK’s capital city.

Here at Thames Clippers, we offer a challenging, yet hugely rewarding working environment for our employees and one of our aims is to recruit, develop and retain the best in the business. So whether you wish to pursue a career in Fleet Operations, Customer Services, Engineering, senior management or back of house support services, Thames Clippers will have the career path you’re looking for. We have a commitment to internal succession planning and development from within – please click here for the operational teams career paths and a development timescale.

We offer long term careers on varying career paths, nationally-recognised qualifications, much of which is delivered internally by our highly skilled team, development opportunities and extremely competitive benefits – so if you’re looking for a career in the maritime industry, look no further.

Thames Clippers are one of the most diverse employers operating on the River Thames. We pride ourselves on being a multicultural and diverse workforce and are firm believers that the diversity of our business brings a fullness and richness of life to the commuters, tourists and patrons of our services, as well as to London.


Case study- Joy Bushell, Captain


Joy Bushell’s passion for working on the water began at 15 years old, when her dad handed her a newspaper article about a female crew member working for MBNA Thames Clippers. After reading about her experience in the marine industry and with the company, Joy was hooked.

After finishing school, Joy first got her start working on the River Thames when she joined the Thames RIB Experience, a high speed boating excursion that was set up by her dad in 2008. There, she held varying roles in the business ranging from marketing to dry docking.

In 2010, Joy began pursuing her dream when she joined MBNA Thames Clippers as a Deckhand. From there, she served as a Mate for three years before becoming a successful candidate for the MBNA Thames Clippers in-house training program to become a Captain. The training program helped Joy obtain her Boat Masters License and other relevant endorsements to carry passengers and work on the Thames.

Last year, Joy's hard work paid off when she completed her exams and a month later, her dreams came true when she set sail as a Captain for the vessel.

“My advice to anyone that is in my shoes is if you have a dream, go and get it! If you are unsure on what you may need, find someone in that position to give you advice and guidance on how you can achieve your goals. Be prepared to start from the bottom and to work your way up. I believe that hard work and determination have been the recipe for my success,” shares Joy.

Throughout her time at MBNA Thames Clippers, she has had the opportunity to be a part of historic events such as transporting passengers for the 2012 Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee river procession. Now in her sixth year with MBNA Thames Clippers, Joy only sees herself going “onward and upwards.”

“With MBNA Thames Clippers continuously growing and expanding, we have created new jobs and positions both afloat as Senior Masters and ashore as office management,” says Joy. “The opportunities for internal progression will always be available due to the company’s commitment to internal succession planning and developing from within.”

In the future, Joy can’t wait to continue growing with the company. With the newest addition to the fleet, the high-tech Hunt Class vessels, she is looking forward to embarking on another challenge soon. 

Case study - Ellie Wooldridge, Mate

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Ellie Wooldridge also received guidance from her dad when it came to pursuing a career “on the river.” Now with MBNA Thames Clippers for about two and a half years, his advice has led to a fruitful career for Ellie.

Starting as a Customer Services Assistant at various piers, Ellie quickly developed an interest in working on the boats themselves. Moving over to Deck Customer Services Assistant, Ellie began working towards her ultimate ambition of joining the Crew on board.

She achieved this goal shortly after by becoming a Relief Mate. Although it took a lot of hard work to get where she is, Ellie truly enjoys the work she does every day.

“Learning all aspects of river life, both on the marine and shore side, was tough. There are difficulties working on a busy river, but I enjoy the learning curve. It's hard work, but also hugely rewarding,” shares Ellie. “I enjoy working on the River Thames, it's a lovely place to be. My work colleagues have become good friends – we are a close knit team which makes for a very rewarding working environment.”

“My advice for anyone in my shoes is to persevere, be prepared for minor obstacles, but stay focused on your chosen career path,” concludes Ellie.

Thames Clippers is the proud winner of the Employer of the Year award at the 2017 London Transport Awards: it recognises the people and organisations that make a real difference to transport across London.

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With 350 employees, why not join this award winning team?