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Timetable and fare changes from 1st April


Our summer timetable will go live on April 1st 2017; this will affect the RB1, RB1X, RB2, RB4, RB5 and RB6 services.  

The changes incorporate better connections between RB1 and RB4, shorter journey times from Embankment during the PM peak and improved reliability for RB1/RB1X at weekends.  The RB2 service will no longer call at St George Wharf Pier, but will now call at Millbank, Embankment, Bankside and London Bridge.

*Please note that Embankment Pier is currently closed for works, due to open before Easter. While it is still closed the RB2 service will call at Westminster Pier instead of Embankment, at the same times.

See details of changes to routes below.

RB1 Weekdays

Journey times adjusted to take into account increased demand and pier berth access constraints, particularly in the early evenings.

Every other sailing will call into Westminster during the PM peak.

RB1/RB1X weekends

There have been small amendments to the timetable to improve reliability.


The RB2 will now call at Millbank, Embankment, Bankside and London Bridge. The service will no longer call at St George Wharf or Westminster.

There will be a 45 minute frequency rather than 40 minutes to improve reliability and reflect the longer route. 


Some sailing times have been amended to improve connections with the RB1 service.


Some sailing times have been amended to connect better with the RB1 service.


Some PM sailing times have been amended. There is a better connection AM peak from Blackfriars.

St George Wharf

St George Wharf will only be served mornings and evenings during the week, there will be no sailings at weekends.

Price change

On April 1st 2017 there will also be changes to some of our prices. Our Standard fares for West Zone, Central Zone and Central & West Zone travel will increase, subsequently Travelcard fares* for these Zones will increase to maintain the 1/3 off Standard fare discount.

*Please note customers paying for a discounted Travelcard fare that is linked to an Oyster/contactless card will pay the new increased Travelcard fare.

Embankment Pier closure

We apologise for the disruption whilst Embankment Pier has been closed. Transport for London have confirmed that the pier will reopen to all services by Easter. In the meantime please continue to use Westminster for RB1 and RB6 services.

The emergency works needed to be carried out following the structural failure of the floating pontoon tanks that support the main access walkways onto the pier, new pontoons are currently under construction. Once we have a date that services will recommence from the pier we will communicate this to our customers.

We appreciate your patience whilst these works have been underway.

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